Join us for a trip to Asia

Experience made in asia in Stockholm June 17-18

Experience the best of Asia in 10,000 sq.m with six dedicated areas and four stages!

Made in Asia is a festival with the best from Asia. Here you can try the most fun activities that Asia has to offer, try smoking hot Asian dishes in our large Food Plaza, meet inspiring guests and so much more. The first edition of Made in Asia Stockholm takes place June 17-18, 2023 at Kistamässan.



Anyoung haseyo!

Are you a BTS fan? Blackpink? Mangaka? We can't promise that exactly they will come to Kistamässan, but we can promise a guest line-up with some really inspiring guests.
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Dumplings, ramen, dim-sum...

Dumplings, ramen, dim-sum, sushi, bao, gogi-gu-i. Several dishes from Asia are hot right now. In our large Food Plaza you can try most of them, and maybe even the next big food hit!
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Ghibli, Dragon Ball Z & Pokemon

Here you can meet like-minded people to discuss the latest My Hero Academia, watch professionals draw or learn how to yourself.
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Cool games and new technology

Join us on a journey both backwards and forwards in time. We celebrate retro gaming classics and future classics, as well as take a look at the latest in tech.
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Is kendo your thing?

Try the most fun activities that Asia has to offer. Maybe you're the next ninja warrior? Visit our Fun Area to try martial arts, calligraphy, languages and more.
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Are you going home with your next trip booked?

Or are you happy with a cool gadget? In our market you will definitely find something you like!
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